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Biologically modified active carrier protein with encoded amino acids of natural origin developed bySchaeffer Nutraceuticals for the next generation nutritional supplements formulation, promoting theoptimal absorption of nutrients in the body.Vitaprotein is a natural active nutritional ingredient which contains essential amino acids having aninternal identifier (post coding effect), manufactured with a patented technological process based onfoundation ofover 40 years of scientific research knowledge and development studies.


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More than 20 years research and development experience gives us confidence to offer our ‘first human navigation’ to the clients around the world. Thanks to our inner and remarkable outsource laboratories, Schaeffer Nutraceuticals’ state of art formulations being developed every day.
Beside European market we receive daily inquiries from all around the world.
In order to find out our local distributors network, and to be also a local distributor please contact us via the contact details.

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